Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Do You Recognize Your RIght to be Happy? 6-29-11

"We all have the right to lead happy lives." Dalai Lama

A VERY simple but unbeatable truth. Each and everyone of you deserves to be happy. You were created to ENJOY life. How do I know you may ask? Whats makes me the expert? Ha, I'm NOT but I do know this:

  • We see many colors with our eyes that paint glorious pictures for our mind. An Amazing camera the eye is and what a huge hard drive the brain is for recalling them!
  • We have hundreds of taste buds on our tongue that allow us to enjoy millions of different flavor combinations in our mouth!
  • We have the ability to enjoy the fragrance of flowers, food, a newborns skin or a cool ocean breeze etc...
  • The ways to enjoy life are LIMITLESS.

The question is: Do you know your rights and take advantage of them? Wouldn't you agree that we see so many unhappy, dejected people around us in the world? Whats makes it really sad is that it is most likely completely avoidable. YOU have rights to many things but YOU MUST enact those rights to gain benefit. We pay for healthcare (another topic but work with me here) but many do not go to the Dr. for an annual check up like we should, or visit the dentist for our cleaning or even have necessary medical procedures done (even though they are entitled to them or have a right to them!. We are entitled to them because it is our right based on the agreement we signed with the ins. company.

Well you have a right to be happy by virtue of the fact you are ALIVE today. So, here its is, Wednesday, June 29th and if you are reading this you are ALIVE, but are you happy? If not, then make it your choice to be because it IS a choice and work towards that! So, if you are with me, then let me know that you plan on being happy today. Hey, its your right! Right?

Have a HAPPY day and a better tomorrow!

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