Monday, June 27, 2011

Know Your Faults Then Say NO to your Faults! 6-27-11

"The greatest of all faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none" .-T.Carlyle

We all openly accept and realize we aren't perfect, that we have limitations, inabilities and yes, even faults (some as big as the San Andreas!). But, most disagreements and arguments stem from not acknowledging those faults at the right time and taking appropriate action. What we need to do it acknowledge those faults when dealing with others. We need to do this to ourselves and to those we are having issues with. It may be a scary thing to do but it will open up conversation with the other party whether it be at work or at home and get you CLOSER to a positive resolution of your conflict. Not admitting you're wrong when you clearly are will just make you look even more unreasonable and conversely less attractive. But, here is the beauty.

Just because something is a fault today does NOT mean it will be tomorrow or next week or next year!

I always talk about being in continuous improvement mode. That's exactly what we need to do. Always look to improve. If we are looking to build ourselves up than its SO much easier to admit faults because we know we are doing SOMETHING about it. Read a book, talk with a trusted mentor-learn about it and subdue it!

Today, be honest and write down all your faults. Don't worry know one has to see the list but then start working on them immediately! Will that list ever empty? No, you'll probably just keep adding to it as you realize how imperfect we all are but the person you will become in one week, one month and even one year from TODAY will be completely different and be 100% better!

Have a great day and a better tomorrow!

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