Thursday, July 28, 2011

Are You Feeling Powerless To Change The World?

"Nature arms each man with some faculty which enables him to do easily some feat impossible to any other."~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

What are you armed with? Are you ready for war? The WAR to to win over your FEARS!?

Its Thursday and the week is ALMOST over and the year is HALFWAY over AND what have you to show for it? A direct and forceful quote today. Why? Because the times we live in determine it. Congress cant figure out the economy or unemployment and we sit idly by as pawns in their game. So when I looked at todays quote it really brought out my "militant" side! Are you happy with what you do for work? Are you satisfied with what you are bringing in regarding income? Is it enough or are you ignoring the fact it isn't? Don't rationalize and tell yourself money isn't everything. It isn't but its the only think that can buy you what you need and some peoples FEAR of success make them shockingly UNAMBITIOUS! If money isnt everything then why do you work at all? So if you are going to work you DESERVE to get top dollar! The companies you do business with want top dollar from you!

Are you settling and have just given up? If you have you have also become powerless and people WILL sense it and walk all over you.

I don't think for one minute any of us want that. This group is about motivation and not about just tickling your ears! I want you to "snap out of it" as it were and believe in yourselves and recognized you have skills and you are worth something and yes, you have unlimited potential. So don't limit yourself. Do not make yourself IMPOTENT by NOT TRYING!

Do you know how many people have come SOOOOO tantalizing close to success to only give up where they would have reached their goal if they tried JUST ONE more time? The worlds history is literally ONE huge story of people who gave up.

DON'T GIVE UP and DON'T STOP TRYING. and as the popular Journey song say, DON'T STOP BELIEVING! (yall know I love me some music!)

If you are READY to just TRY and improve your lot in life then shoot me an email. If not, go back to your day to day. But dont say you never get any chances in life. sometimes you have to make your own chances!

Have a GREAT day and wonderful tomorrow

Kind regards,
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