Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do You have the 3 Ingredients of life in Your Pantry? Check. 8-2-11

There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning." - Christopher Morley

I heard this quote last week and it took my a minute to ponder. I think i have come up with meanings and examples for all three. Todays quote may be more educational than motivational.

Learning-this should be self-explanatory. To thoroughly enjoy life we must continue to learn, We must be in continuous self improvement mode (CMS). Ask yourself- what is the last book i read? Newspapers and magazines don't count.. An actual book. I'll allow kindles since i have one. Why is learning so important? Because it develops skills and these skills are needed to survive in life. In life if you have only 1 skill you wont get very far. o read and continue to develop more skills. unpaid plug-if you want to learn go no further than YouTube channel Khan Academy:
These lessons are free and, in California, some schools have removed their textbooks on certain subjects and gone this route entirely. its amazing. Its free so why not check it out?

Earning-We need money, i'm not saying to do anything to be rich but you need to create your own personal wealth. What are you doing to make this happen? We work for others and this is honorable and will pay us a living but have you thought about how to make more with just small changes of effort applied elsewhere? I ENCOURAGE you all to read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by , its available here: or simply on your kindle and its cheaper and the information is the same! :) Im telling you it changed my thinking about ALOT. Sidebar, if you really are interested in trying something new to make some supplementary income-shoot me a private email. I'm starting something that it making money work for me. (FYI- thats one of the key principles of he book, so I'm trying it out and assuming i don't know it all! ) If you know it all, maybe i need to work with you instead and learn! :)

Yearning: This is so openendedly wonderful! Do you still have a zeal, a desire to taste life? To me, it mean you must continue to strive to be better. To learn more, to try new things and not be afraid of new experiences! Ill leave this here. Yearn for more, do not stop being satisfied when you have reached one goal. YEARN for more!


Have a great day and a better tomorrow!


PS= disagree with me? its ok but do me the honor of telling me why because i YEARN to LEARN! :)