Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Nothing is Impossible, It Just Hasn't Been Done Yet

While looking for inspiration to write about this morning I just started thinking out loud and came up with this."Nothing is Impossible, It Just Hasn't Been Done Yet". Now, to be fair, when I Googled it, I did see others had put these words together, so I am not first-which is fine. But being first is what we are talking about today. I’m probably the first to write a brief essay on it though. So here goes it!

Ponder this thought: EVERYTHING in life had its "first moment". Whether it was a new discovery, location, new understanding in science or learning- someone at some time was FIRST to find out something. BEFORE that, if the thought even existed, it was considered impossible.

Putting a man on the moon? Impossible! Putting airplanes in the air? Impossible!  Sailing around the world? Impossible!  Cloning an animal? (Hello Dolly) Impossible! Electric Cars? - Impossible. More recently-Cancer and AIDS would both be considered a death sentence. Survive them? Impossible, yet that is what millions do each day. No doubt I would guess at least 100 of you on this mailing are cancer survivors based on some of the letters I have received. Keep doing the IMPOSSIBLE! This was all impossible but now it’s actually no longer astonishing! Amazing- Things that were once considered impossible are now considered a basic human need, like computers.

Now I want you to think about you. Do you have limiting beliefs; beliefs that things are impossible for YOU, EVEN though others have DONE the impossible? Do you still think you can’t be successful? Do you think it’s too late to have the career you wanted or take up a particular hobby? As one great poet said, it’s never too late to be what might have become. Don't get into the habit of telling yourself NO before you have even asked the question in the form of YOUR action!

You can still be first in your life to do the impossible-because NOTHING is impossible, it just has not been done yet.

It’s about facing your adversities, even your sufferings, telling them where to go (mildly) and pushing forward and doing-taking action. Action is the key. Acton is energy and when one energy is stronger than the other it wins, it dominates. Where is your energy? Today, my friends focus on what you previously THOUGHT was impossible and throw away that LIMITING belief. It is not impossible you just haven’t mustered up the energy to do it yet. Charge your batteries, fill your tank, whatever you call it, do it because it’s GO TIME!

Now get moving, you have A LOT of impossibilities to conquer!