Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Let's Roll" Flight 93 Passenger Todd Beamer

"Let's Roll" Flight 93 Passenger Todd Beamer

Although unintended it seems sadly appropriate to end our weeks discussion of pain and how to rise up from it on this, a most somber day of remembered.

This is a day for many that is most painful. It is an anniversary of husbands who will never come home, of sons who will miss family dinner, of daughters who will miss their wedding day. It is a stark reminder of anniversaries, birthdays and other holidays and special days that will forever be missed.

It ALSO reminds me of one of the most bravest and SELFLESS expressions I have ever heard; "let's Roll".

Todd Beamer and his fellow flight 93 passengers had the painful knowledge of knowing they were going to perish much too soon. They knew what had already taken place at Ground Zero but that pain MOTIVATED  them to take action to prevent others from dying a horrible and traumatic death. They knew they could save countless lives.

I imagine the pain they felt at the hurt their families would feel because they left them too soon and too tragically. I imagine the the pain their families feel this day and that their friends must feel.

Yet, "Lets Roll" should and does symbolize heroism, self sacrifice and initiative in a tough situation.

Its puts our pain and problems in perspective. It helps motivate us not to give up when faced with adversity and even helps us keeping going when defeat seems certain. Was their defeat certain? In no way a all because we will talk about their acts of bravery forever!

This IS a most painful day but we can use the memories of this day to not give up on ourselves and to never give on on others.

When you are faced with overwhelming circumstances and feel you cannot go on, remind yourself to roll. yes, "Lets all Roll"


Have a blessed day