Friday, September 2, 2011

What is the MEANING of life?

The smallest good deed is better than the grandest good intention.-- Duguet

What is the meaning of life? Its a very difficult question because the answer changes EVERY minute of each day! Just like asking a pitcher was is the best pitch to throw. It all depends on who he is throwing to and what the score is. So the meaning of life changes with each situation we are presented with!

However, if you make it your aim to live a life in servitude of others, of making others benefit from your existence, then you can FIND meaning in your life each and every day! How so? When Hurricane Irene came through impacted the lives of MILLIONS. What did neighbors do? They checked on each-other, made sure elderly ones has food and water or power. Even though many were themselves affected, they still sought out the care of others even with just a phone call to simply ask, 'are you ok?'

They gave their lives meaning in the wake of tragedy

What is the meaning of life? Your meaning changes and with it comes a challenge each time to make the RIGHT decision. As todays quote shows, its isn't the intent of good intentions that count, its the acts!

Have a great day and DO ONE SMALL THING for another person today. If you have done so then you have meaning in your life because you chose to give it meaning!

Isn't that the best choice you can make?