Friday, February 3, 2012

“Those who weep recover more quickly than those who smile." Jean Giraudoux

I pondered this one for a while yesterday. I got the gist of it but didn't know what to write. Maybe that's the beauty of it. Its so self-explanatory and open to interpretation.
Sometimes we smile to cover the pain when really we should probably just
have a good cry and get it out of our system (yes, maybe more than once is
needed). If something is really bothering us and we don't currently have a
solution, don't feel bad for weeping. Remember, this is a NATURAL reaction to
stress and sadness and pretty much all of our natural body functions benefit
us in some way. So don't hold back! I did a simple search on the "health
benefits of crying" an came accross this interesting article:
it out!

Anyway, if we are in a situation and we cannot fix it just YET, its OK to
let out a good cry but don't let that be your only course. Remember- you do
have the ability to make changes, to change situations or simply to resolve
in your heart: "never again".

Whatever the situation may be, remember the quote from today! And sometimes
you may just need to be there FOR a friend who needs to weep! Thats part of
BEING a friend...

Have a great day and batter tomorrow!