Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Turn Nothing into Something

Turning Nothing into Something

Right now, there is something in your head you want to do. Something that will make you wildly successful, but its only in your head; its only an IDEA. Unless you get it OUT of your head no one will benefit!

For example. Did you know that the Polio Vaccine was just an idea at one time?
So was the computer. So was the airplane and automobile. As was twitter and Facebook.

Let me remind you. These "nothings" turned into somethings because people took action! The TOOK them OUT of their minds and made them a reality!

If you knew what the outcomes of those ventures would be would you have invested a few a couple of hundred bucks to create them? Of course you would, the value now is millions and billions. But for some, we will be scared to invest 1 penny because we are scared of failing. Many of you on this list know I started a hot Dog cart a few summers back before my own back failed me. It cost money to start that but even though it didn't turn out like I wanted i was still wildly successful. Imagine if i let fear hold me back? I would still be wondering what if today. Now I just wonder when will I get back out there to do it again! Take Chances and who KNOWS where you will end up!

What do you have kicking around in your head this morning? What can you turn into something by taking action today?

If you need help getting those ideas out and onto paper and a plan of action contact me. I am always willing to help and a few of you have already taken me up on the offer and hasn't that worked out well? A few of us have benefited from the interchange. Thats one aspect of life-helping others!

Dont let those ideas die with you in your head. Lets turn them into something!