Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Never stop because you are afraid - you are never so likely to be wrong

“Never stop because you are afraid - you are never so likely to be wrong. ”

Fridtjof Nansen

Sorry that it has been so long since my last post, I have been, well- working.

Actually training to be specific. Learning a completely new industry and vertical: Advertising. This is probably why todays quote struck me today. Its a VERY scary thing learning something new, especially when its tied to your livelihood.

Now that the bulk of my training is over, I am starting to contact clients, existing ones who already advertise with my company and new businesses who have no advertising whatsoever. Regardless of their current state, it all starts with me picking up that phone and dialing. Whats really funny is that you must prepare for the call but not too much. Some people can prep so much because they are afraid of making the call. 'Call avoidance' they call it.

This is SO much like life for many. We tend to over PREP (or worse, ignore) because we want to avoid making a decision or actually act on the information that we have. Why? Because we are scared.

This generally does not and will not work out well for us. Waiting only prolongs the decision or event and only gives us cause for worry or anxiety until we actually do face the very that gives us so much angst.

So my message to you all today is, Do not give in to your fears. Its OK to get kicked in the teeth a few times because in doing so you will learn from it and only get better. Rather than let your fear hold you back USE it to empower to TAKE action!

Now that "thing" you have been putting off? Go do it!