Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How can Pain be a motivator?

How can Pain be a motivator?

Many of you know my struggles with back-pain, therapy, surgery etc. Recently my pain has been so intense, the anger so strong that it has MOTIVATED me to take action.

So what resulted?

Thursday, I have an appt with my Primary care doc to see about some off label prescriptions to deal with nerve pain. Primary cause of my pain, not muscular/skeletal

Friday, I have an appt for yet another MRI. Upright with flexion and extension

Saturday, I am all set for another set of epidural steroid injections.

Now before this week it was hurting and it was bad but when it wasn't getting better i said "to heck with this" and I did all i could do. Set 3 key events in 3 consecutive days

I took control where I could control. Instead of suppressing my anger, i embraced it and used it as fuel to take ACTION.

What angers you? What pains you? Do not avoid it but rather embrace, tame and use to your advantage.

We all have something bothering us, but maybe that 'bothersome' thing needs to be stoked into a raging fire so that YOU take action.

Thats what it did for me and I hope it will do the same for you.

Have a great day and wonderful tomorrow!