Monday, June 20, 2011

Are you RUSTING out? 6-20-11

“For us is the life of action, striving mightily; let us rather run the risk of wearing out than rusting out. ” Theodore Roosevelt

When it comes to life there is one certainty- you cannot slow it down or stop it, even for a second. You can however control how you use each of those seconds and what you do with them. Are you living a life of fulfillment? Do you feel prosperous? Do you feel effective? If the answer is no to any of those questions, then, Houston, we have a problem! Physically we are made to work but lets not forget we are also made to work mentally. By work I mean pursuing your goals or pursuing a life you want to live. You all have the capability but the question is: are you doing it?

Are you RUSTING?

Think of a car. When that car doesnt get oiled, washed, and used, it starts to rust and we then call them rust buckets! Its then prone to breakdown and costly repair or they end of in a junkyard. On the flip-side, a car that is well used and well taken care of and maintained doesn't rust but eventually wears out but not before seeing many places along the way. If cars could talk would you rather listen to the stories the car that rusted out at 100,000 miles or the one that wore out at 300,000? What kind of car do you want to be? The answer is clear! Worn out at 300,000 miles but, man, what a life! What accomplishments!

Take a look at yourself today an your surroundings. Are you building a high performance shop to maintain and upgrade that car or are you slowly building yourself a car junk yard, where cars go and die, rusted out huddled in masses with similar cars?  I know better, if you are reading this then I know you want that performance shop and you recognize you are a high performing individual! The beauty of it all? We can ALWAYS look to improve. We can be better but we have to invest the activity in ourselves! Don't rust out today friends, be people of action!

Have a great day and a better tomorrow!