Friday, June 17, 2011

Are you Leaving Stones Unturned? 6-17-11

"Leave no stone unturned." - Euripides

The message I receive from Euripides today is to never give up! To keep looking when you cant find to keep knocking when its closed and to keep asking when no response is given. It also means we must be creative in our attempts to accomplish our goals. Name any scenario you want where you haven't YET found success and I can most likely give you an example of where trying one more time might just lead to success. What did Euripides mean when he said the above? Probably that if something is IMPORTANT enough for you and you have lost it you will literally leave no stone unturned in looking for it (in the case of car keys it can be translated into 'leave no couches unturned')

So are there stones in your life that have yet to be turned? Where if you just flip one more stone you will get that much closer to reaching your goals? The answer is yes! There are always stones to be turned because we shall always have goals and we shall never give up! Now go have a stone-turning Friday!

Have a great day and a better weekend-see you Monday!