Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Do You Have Burrs Attached to You? 6-14-11

"If you have no critics you'll likely have no success."Malcolm X -

Like a sharpening stone removes burrs to sharpen a knife we too need critics to sharpen us (enabling success). Why? Well, as some of you are aware I recently bought a knife sharpening kit. I had a few knives that were so dull they couldn't cut anything. So I started using them improperly. I would push harder or start with the tip which still had some sharpness- or at least was able to penetrate skin or whatever I was cutting (or attempting to). Then with force I was able to cut or, really, split the remaining food. Because my knife was not sharp to the proper degree I was using it improperly and subjecting myself to possible injury. At the very least, I was learning bad habits to adjust to having inferior tools! We can succumb to the same thing. If we have no critics to remove the burrs on us we grow more and more imperfect. The more blunt we become and more improper techniques we use to get on throughout life. BUT, once I sharpened my knife, using it was so much easier and I was so thrilled that I no longer had to try so hard to make something work that should be so simple. Same with life. If we remove the burrs of imperfection from us then life tends to get simpler. Because we have sharper tools. Ignoring your critics will only lead to a dulling of your tools and senses. Focus today on looking at your critics and conceding they may have a point (to help you sharpen yours!) and see how you can use those critiques to remove burrs holding you back from succeeding!

Have a great day and a better tomorrow!