Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Never confuse education with intelligence - 6-22-11

"Never confuse education with intelligence." - unknown

There are two areas where people acquire education or knowledge. They call it book knowledge vs. street knowledge. Generally street knowledge means experience & lessons learned outside of a classroom while book knowledge is education based on teaching and reading; generally in a structured setting. BUT, did you now you should have a healthy blend of both and that you NEED both together to really live a fulfilling life! This combination is the key to intelligence. Intelligence is what will get you through life, not education. Intelligence is the application of wisdom gained through education. We need education but that is not enough. Just because we have added knowledge to our brain doesn't mean it will benefit us. It would be similar to buying healthy foods and stocking your refrigerator with them but not eating them- what a waste. It is equally wasteful when people take their education and fail to apply it-it yields ZERO benefit.

So today, think about your  combined education, make sure its a healthy mix of "street" knowledge but also book knowledge. And by all means do not stop learning just because you have reached a certain point in your career or have added a certain number of letters before or after your name. Even doctors need to continually educate themselves to remain in good standing in the medical community. How much more so do we need to continually educate ourselves to survive in this ever changing world? We MUST. SO the goal for today is for me to remind you to KEEP on learning and APPLYING what you learn so you get the full benefit and not confuse education with intelligence.

Have a great day and a better tomorrow!

-Walter W. Welle CIM (Continuous Improvement Mode) :)