Friday, July 22, 2011

How Many languages Do You Speak? 7-22-10

“My parents talked to me in Spanish and I answered in English,” John Leguizamo

While there are many different tongues and dialects in the world it seems that even though many people are in the same home or office building, they still do not speak the same language. What language is that? The language of success- of accomplishment. We may use the same letters and words and form the same sentences but when those words are constructed in such a way as to our own personal agenda and not to the betterment of everyone else, we truly then speak another language- the language of selfishness. Not only that, how many arguments erupt because we infer wrong message from what others say? Rarely do knee-jerk reactions cause us to look like anything but that- a jerk. Instead, Pause, Ponder then proceed. Arguments result from misunderstandings, fights result from hatred. Arguments lead to hatred. See the connection?

If you don't understand someone, remember that! YOU don't understand. So seek to understand before you seek to solve or worse yet, reprehend.

Have a great day- knowing you have the ABILITY to help everyone you know, including yourself, if you just learn to speak more languages!

Have a great weekend folks!
Kind regards,