Monday, August 22, 2011

Where There Is A Why, There Is A How- Nietzsche

Good Morning Everyone,

No, I didn't move the group to Google plus overnight was just away on a mini vacation! That's why You haven't heard from me. Well I am back and ready to share some quotes and insights- and also to hear yours. You will hear me start to quote Viktor Frankl more often. I am halfway though his book; "Mans Search for Meaning". It is an amazing chronicle and should be required reading for any person going through ANY sort of trial or difficult circumstances in their life. Quick overview, its about his times in a Nazi German Concentration Camp and how he was able to survive physically because of his mental fortitude.

If you are going through physical pain, emotional trauma, mental illness or just are having a real bad string of what some call "luck', this book is for you. He repeats a quote often throughout the book. Its from Fredrick Nietzsche: "Where There Is A Why, There Is A How." What did he mean? Life has meaning for everyone and when we find ourselves asking ask HOW can we get through those tough times we really MUST remind ourselves of WHY we must get through them. Whatever that why is, is your MEANING. As a soon-to-be parent I wonder how can I get through this back ailment i am dealing with; staring in the face of a second surgery within 4 months after the first did nothing to relieve any pain I am suffering. My "WHY" is my wife and my unborn son to start with.  So for me, it cant be a question of how will I get through. I MUST. I have two very important WHY's that need me. That is why I will get through. What are your WHYS in life? See how many you have and be grateful, it is those WHY's that will slap your HOWS in the face and get you though.

So remember today. Where there is a HOW there must also be a WHY because this is the meaning of your life. Those that make up the WHYS. Make an effort to read this book, it will change your perspective. Put down the newspaper or magazine and read something that will have a profound effect on your life. Don't you want to find meaning instead of just existing?

Have a great day and a better tomorrow!