Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Least Favorite Day and Why

There is a day we ALL refer to when it comes to completing tasks that are either unpleasant or goals that are SEEMINGLY unreachable. It is my least favorite day ever! It has destroyed more people and lives than any other day of the week! In fact this day is so wretched that is nowhere to be found on ANY calendar

Do you know what day this is? It's Someday.

Someday is where dreams and hopes die. 
Someday is the greatest tease of all. In fact, all people hope for it, yet it never arrives.
Someday, I may clean the basement or someday I may write a book! 
What do YOU have planned for Someday?

I keep looking at my watch, my phone and the calendar but someday never comes. In fact it never will be there and the most painful realization of all? EVERY day in your past WAS in fact, SOMEDAY, and we just didn't know it!

Translation: Your life will NEVER get going until you decide on what REAL day of the week, month or year it does! You have the pwer to turn someday into a real day.

What would you like to do someday? Now I want you to actually give it a date, a hard date with no exceptions. You DESERVE better. You ARE better. In case you did not know, EVERY TIME you put off doing something that will benefit you, you are only hurting yourself. Now, I know you love yourself more than that.

So set a date and stick to it and who knows what you'll accomplish. 
Who knows what ability you will find within yourself.
Who knows what places it will lead you to; places you never imagined you visit or see.
Who knows what LIFE it will give you; a life that you never thought could exist for you.

Yes, who INDEED knows....only you. 
And ONLY when you learn to hate SOMEDAY as much as I do.