Thursday, January 26, 2012

What are YOUR odds?

The Superbowl is here! So many of us are excited because our teams are playing or we love the halftime show, or we cant wait to see what crazy commercials are going to be shown. Also, many folks will be betting on the game. So they need to know what the odds in order to decide who they want to bet on.

One team will have the odds against them and the other will have the odds in their favor. But both CAN win. One may falter or the other rise up.

The same with you. Some of you may have odds against you or for you. But, what are odds anyway? Just someones opinion. So if you feel the odds are stacked against you, I say so what? I can parade around a list of probably thousands of examples of people who succeeded yet have almost insurmountable odds against them. But, I would rather start a new list and add you to it! What stops you from succeeding? There is only 1 true reason.

You. Me. We. Us.

Now that I have identified the enemy to your own greatness, what are you gonna do about it? No matter the odds, both teams can win! 

So, I'm putting my money on you!