Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How Can We Let This Happen?

NO Quote today, rather a picture. A painful picture at that.

We are all in this group because we ant to be motivated. Maybe to be a better worker, spouse, partner, brother, sister, mother, father son or daughter. Ultimately we all want to be a BETTER person.

Quotes remind us of life's stories and help us to push forward.

Look at this picture, what quote could possibly motivate this child in their situation? The answer is NONE.

The ONLY thing that will help him is the KIND and SELFLESS acts of others.

Please, everyone look at this picture today. Do not just glance but really ponder over it and ask yourself:

Am I really doing all I can to make a difference in someones life? Can we motivate us to be better and make the world a better place?

Do not be mistaken, WE ALL have the ABILITY and POWER to start today.

I have seen these pictures before but maybe it struck me more since I now have a son and know how wonderful it is.

This boy needs a to be the center of someones world just like children are to us.

Please share this post as much and often as you can- You never know who you will inspire to change the world!

At least let it start with you!