Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The person who makes no mistakes, probably makes nothing

The person who makes no mistakes, probably makes nothing! - unknown

I love when people play it safe in life or in business - even in sports. The team thinks they are so assured of winning that they stop playing to win and play not to lose. What happens all too often is the team that was winning does in fact lose.


They stopped playing to win.  We do that too in life. We get too complacent and comfortable and stop playing to win.

I've run a mile, that's enough - why not 2?
I ate well 3 days in a row, how about i cheat today"
I've sold 4 cars this week, why not 5?

Whatever it is that you do, if you are finding success then keep going. If you are not finding success then you are doing something wrong!

It means you need to CHANGE.....

Stay in the slow lane as traffic passes you or CHANGE lanes.

Go ahead, create your own metaphor! It always works out the same....

Have a FANTASTIC day and an even BETTER tomorrow!