Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Are you Spring Incarnate?

An optimist is the human personification of spring: Susan J. Bissonette

If you grouped all of your friends into 1 of 4 categories where would you fall? Where would you be grouped? Spring, Summer Autumn or Winter?

It depends on your interpretation of each season and how it describes a person. However, we all agree on the established, empirical fact that Spring is when the most significant CHANGE begins to takes place. As life of all kinds shakes off the doldrums of winter and comes to life. The birds chirp more vociferously, trees and grass come back with buds and blades and people of all kinds rejoice that their 'countdown to spring' is over.  Did you ever notice people only count down two things? Christmas and Spring! Shows you how excited they get over one little season that is sometimes delayed by Punxsutawney Phil..

Are you the personification of Spring? Are you ready to blossom this year? To cheer people up everywhere you go, to breath life into projects once banished and left dormant for months? You can. And you don't need to wait the 19 Days and 10 hours until spring arrives! Get to those projects today! If not now, when? If they aren't that important to be done today then they shouldn't be done at all!

Spring, IS the condition in YOUR heart. It is THE  weather favorable for growth and joy. Its within you and always has.  Spring IS you, if you realize how wonderful life is and how flush with opportunity each day is. Do something with it!

19 Days and 9 hours? Nah, its already here; inside each of you.